Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thin is In?

I do not understand how people think the skeletal thin look is attractive? Or healthy? I have been to Paris, NY, London, Milan, and many other fashionable cities, I have seen healthy, attractive women and they do not look like this. Why don't women and by that I mean all women, not demand a change. Yes, I have heard the arguments, fashion looks better on women with no curves, size 0, skeletal frames. The argument that this is what people want to see when they see a fashion show. Frankly, I think fashion can be beautiful, a work of art, frightening, and downright ugly. But I can tell you that I have never purchased an article of clothing because it was shown on a frame like this.

This is why girls as young as five, yes five, are ending up in eating disorder clinics. This is why the fastest growing population of women in eating disorder clinics are middle age women. We continue to perpetuate the idea that if you are skinny, thin and look like this you look beautiful.

For the record, I am a sometimes a size 6 and  sometimes a size 8; I have also lived on less than 600 calories a day to maintain a size 4. This post is not some jealous rant. I love fashion, love clothes and shoes and handbags, etc. I can appreciate the fabric, the drape, the vision and all of the rest. But I do not want find skeletons walking down a runway even remotely attractive, frankly if I was at a fashion show and this is what come down the runway it would be all I could look at.  I want to see women in a magazine that look beautiful in their clothes but that are not skeletal and in a perfect world I would love to see a magazine that actually put real women on the pages. Just saying....

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